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A Journey with Purpose


By stepping on the path that leads through the levels of our Upper School, your student has begun a journey that will lead him or her through a complete classical ballet education.  The end result being, a physically strong and mentally resilient young adult who is able to navigate the challenges of life with grace, mindfulness, and an assured sense of self-command.

In other words, an amazing, uniquely wonderful human being who also happens to know how to dance!  Ballet is about so much more than the steps.

lower school

primary 1: kindergarten

primary 2: first grade

primary 3: second grade

So proud of the hard work and concentration I'm seeing from our Sylph/Zane class learning their Cecchetti Primary 2 curriculum! #classicalballetiseverywhere #cecchettiballet #classicalballetschoolokc #boysdoballet #boysdoballettoo
Love these girls! #classicalballetschoolokc #thenightingale2019 #workinghard #classicalballetiseverywhere

upper school

cecchetti 1: passing p3 exam

cecchetti 2: passing c1 exam

cecchett 3: passing c2 exam

cecchetti 4: passing c3 exam

New students are placed in the appropriate level upon evaluation by the school director

annual-inclusive pricing

What do my 12 monthly payments include?

 [CBS School Year is August 1 - July 31]

  • Year-Round Pure Classical Ballet Technique (CBS is certified to teach the highly revered Cecchetti Method)

  • July Cecchetti Intensive (Regular classes run August through June)

  • Class Uniform Leotard (tights, shoes, winter dance sweater, character skirt, and performance makeup must be purchased separately)

  • Annual Story-Ballet Performance

    • Sets, scenery, props, professional stage management, student child care for dress rehearsal & performance, guest artists, & more

    • Costumes  [P1, P2, P3, C1, C2 = 2 costumes]  [C3 & C4 = 3 costumes]    (Special performance casting may require the purchase of additional costumes)

    • Performance DVD

    • Professional portrait

    • Personalized performance T-shirt

    • 2 Family discount tickets ($2.00 each)

    • Themed reception w/ photo-op

    • Hair & stage makeup classes

  • Pique’ Pals Fun Events & ‘Bring a Friend’ classes and events

  • Rose Recognition Ceremony & Parent Week class demonstrations

  • Ballet 101 for new parents

  • Parent connection events

  • Preparation for annual Cecchetti Method Examinations (examination fees not included)

  • Biannual Cecchetti Method Workshop opportunities (travel expenses and workshop registration not included)

IMPORTANT:  Annual re-enrollment is automatic.  Parents must contact the school director 30 days in advance to withdraw or to arrange a pause in enrollment.  For pauses and mid-year enrollments, an “inclusive fee” [equal to $60 x # of missed months beginning Aug 1 of the current school year] will be assessed at enrollment.  All tuition and fees are non-refundable.

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Important things to know

Arriving and Leaving:

It is never appropriate to wear dance clothing in public, no matter what the age.  Wearing dance shoes outside the school is harmful to both the dance shoes and our studio floor.  ALL students must change out of their dance shoes into street shoes and wear some type of cover-up or clothing that fully covers their class uniform.


Ladies are expected to come to class with hair in a classical ballet bun - please see the tutorial below.  If the hair is too short to make a bun, the hair must be securely pulled up and away from the face.


In the world of ballet, tights are considered the undergarment of the ladies uniform and so it is not correct for girls to wear regular panties underneath tights.  Our approved retailers carry an assortment of dance underwear and bras for those who need a little extra support.  Boys should purchase dance belts/shirt-belts under the advisement of the school director.

Winter Wear and Warm-ups:

It is advisable to purchase a dance sweater for the winter months.  These are available in a number of brands, however it is required that they be pink and wrap-style.  Warm-ups (leg warmers, scarves, booties, sweatpants, etc.) are not allowed in the studio but may be used in preparation for class while warming up outside the studio.