The world of ballet is a very special one. It has its own official language, French, and its own customs, rules, and traditions. The student of ballet enters this world with excitement, expectation, and respect for the great history and artistry of the generations of dancers who have gone before her. Below you will find some of the most important things a dancer must know if they are to continue in such a great tradition.


Dancers show respect for their art, their teacher, and themselves by:

~ Arriving early for class ~ Dressing in their assigned uniform

~ Wearing their hair in a proper classical bun*

~ Warming and gently stretching their muscles before class begins

~ Paying close attention to their teacher

~ Being prepared for their turn

~ Speaking only to ask the teacher a question

~ Keeping their hands to themselves

~ Completing each exercise fully

~ Reporting their absence to the school before the missed class begins

~ Asking permission to leave the room once class begins

~ Asking permission to enter the room if arriving after class begins

~ Always wearing a cover-up and removing dancing shoes before leaving the school

~ Speaking kindly to and about each other

*A video tutorial for making a classical ballet bun may be found HERE