the early years

“DANCE WITH ME”:  This class is designed to give 3 year old children the opportunity to spend some extra special fun time with their caregiver.  “Dance with Me” explores the joy of music and movement.  Motor, language, and musical skills are developed simultaneously while children and their caregivers actively participate in the fun together!  This class meets once per week for 30 minutes.

 CREATIVE MOVEMENTThis class is designed for children 4 years old and meets once per week for 25 minutes of tap and 25 minutes of ballet discovery.  Experience required:  A desire to jump for joy!

PRE-BALLETThis class is designed for children ages 5 and 6 and meets once per week for 55 minutes.  Experience required:  A non-stop desire to dance around the living room!  Creative Movement is a precursor to Pre-Ballet, but it is not required.

the foundation years

LEVELS 1,2, & 3The seven year old student begins the formal training of ballet in Level 1 with two 55-minute ballet technique classes per week.  The growing student’s commitment expands in Levels 2 with two 70-minute ballet technique classes and in Level 3 with two 85-minute technique classes.  All Levels may participate in "elective" classes that introduce the student to Jazz, Modern, Character, Contemporary and/or concentrate on stretching, strengthening, Leaps, and Turns.

growing talent

LEVELS 4 & 5Intermediate and advanced students expand their training commitment by taking three 90-minute ballet technique classes followed by 30 minitues of pointework per week.  An additional rotating class is offered that switches each week between Jazz, Modern, Character, and Contemporary and includes stretching and strengthening exercises each class

the joy of dance

BOYS:  The art of ballet would not exist without the male “danseur.”  Classical Ballet School welcomes and encourages boys and young men to enroll in our classes.  Designated boys/men’s classes are offered with sufficient enrollment.

REAL BODIESBallet is for every BODY.  Students come in all shapes and sizes, and all are welcome in the ballet studio.  Classical Ballet School is a warm and accepting environment where we are ALL students striving to excel in the discipline and art of ballet...and having lots of fun doing it!

ADULT & TEEN BEGINNERS:  The joy of dance should not end when we become adults.  Our Ballet Conditioning class for adults and teens offers 75-minutes of basic ballet technique followed by 15 minutes of therapeutic stretching to give a balanced, fun, and inspiring work-out.  Adults with previous ballet training are encouraged to enroll in our upper level classes.