3 Ways to help you or your child learn a new skill

3 Ways to help you or your child learn a new skill.  These helpful hints can be applied to any area of your life!

1. START SMALL:  Learning something new can be really intimidating.  Take a look at the big picture, but then break it down into manageable pieces.  Sometimes it is helpful to set a timer. The Pomodoro app is a great tool for making sure we don’t get sidetracked - the app suggests 25 minute work/5 minute break sets for the most effective progress.



2. USE YOUR IMAGINATION:  Studies tell us that when learning a new skill, it is extremely effective to spend time imagining yourself doing the activity.  Your mind can’t tell the difference between actual and imagined practice, so find a comfy place, close your eyes, and begin to imagine yourself being the best at the thing you are wanting to learn.  Studies also show that it is most effective if we do our imagining as we are falling asleep and right as we wake up.

3. BE KIND:  Learning is actually inhibited when we are stressed and impatient with ourselves.  So, be patient and kind in the learning process and you will see that your progress greatly improves.

“A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.  A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A PLAN backed by action becomes a REALITY!