This performance had the audience on their feet!


This performance had the audience on their feet!

Every June Classical Ballet School produces a “real” full-length story ballet.  We believe the life-lessons learned from this type of performance experience are GOLD!  Recitals just don’t measure up. Our students learn patience, poise and perseverance both from the things that go right and especially from those moments that go a little sideways of perfect.  Most of all, ballet is and should be FUN - for those doing it and for those watching it!

We will all remember this scene from our production of The Snow Queen.  The photo below shows our furry character “donkey-hotay” (a pun on the ballet by the title Don Quixote) as he clip-clops into the festive village scene wearing tap shoes!

Now who says ballet is boring!

3 Ways to help you or your child learn a new skill

3 Ways to help you or your child learn a new skill.  These helpful hints can be applied to any area of your life!

1. START SMALL:  Learning something new can be really intimidating.  Take a look at the big picture, but then break it down into manageable pieces.  Sometimes it is helpful to set a timer. The Pomodoro app is a great tool for making sure we don’t get sidetracked - the app suggests 25 minute work/5 minute break sets for the most effective progress.



2. USE YOUR IMAGINATION:  Studies tell us that when learning a new skill, it is extremely effective to spend time imagining yourself doing the activity.  Your mind can’t tell the difference between actual and imagined practice, so find a comfy place, close your eyes, and begin to imagine yourself being the best at the thing you are wanting to learn.  Studies also show that it is most effective if we do our imagining as we are falling asleep and right as we wake up.

3. BE KIND:  Learning is actually inhibited when we are stressed and impatient with ourselves.  So, be patient and kind in the learning process and you will see that your progress greatly improves.

“A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL.  A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A PLAN backed by action becomes a REALITY!


Flamenco 101

Years ago when I was a student at Stage Door Studio in Bakersfield, California, I had the opportunity to learn a small bit of Flamenco.  My teacher, an amazing tap dancer, had a knack for teaching just about every form of dance you can think of - even the infamous "tap on toe!"

To this day I remember the footwork she taught us.  It was exciting and challenging and lots of fun.  Even though I never mastered the castanets, Flamenco holds a special place in my heart.  Maybe it's also because as a young girl, my family traveled to Mexico City where we saw the beautiful Ballet Folklorico perform with their swirling skirts, passionate footwork, and thrilling music!

All this is to say that I have a wonderful opportunity to tell you about.  On Saturday, September 23rd (12:30 - 2:30pm), our own Madaya Eakins will teach a FLAMENCO 101 class not only for CBS students, but also for our Classical Ballet School friends that would like to experience this wonderful art form.

Madaya is an accomplished Flamenco dancer and a super fun teacher.  She's definitely way more cool than I am!  Be sure to read more about Madaya on our FACULTY page and watch this video of her performing.

I hope you will join us this Saturday and BRING A FRIEND!

As always...HAPPY DANCING!

Ms. Julie



Saturday, 23 September

12:30pm - 2:30pm

Open to ages 11yrs - Adult.

Classical Ballet School adults may use one punch of their Dance Card for the class.  There is no additional charge for the class to school-age CBS students.  The guest drop-in fee for the 2-hour class is $25 (cash or check made out to the school).  EARLY BIRD GUEST DISCOUNT: Click the button below for a $5 discount.  Type the code FLAMENCO in the subject line of the contact form before midnight Thursday, September 21st to reserve your space in the class at the discounted rate of $20!

The class will begin with a 30 minute ballet barre warm-up.  If you have character shoes and a character skirt you will definitely want to wear them.  If not, you may wear jazz or ballet shoes.

Madaya Flamenco 1.png